User Experience deep dive

Studio: Sketchin

Client: ParkinGo

When: 2019


ParkinGo is a leading company in the car parking management business. It manages service hubs in airports and harbors in more than 80 cities all over Europe.


We have been asked to help ParkinGo to better understand and then evolve the digital experience of its users. Our work focused on finding areas of opportunity in order to provide an even smoother, more solid, and engaging journey.


For a deeper understanding of the experience that travelers were living, we decided to both research on the field, directly in contact with the actual users, as well as conduct desk research focusing on the company's digital touchpoints.

Thanks to the data provided by ParkinGo, we identified clusters of different traveler typologies. We used these clusters to design our interviews and on-field activities.
Through Mistery Shopping we lived the service experience in the shoes of a daily business traveler. At the same time, we conducted a Service Safari to gain a better idea of the experience provided by competitors. To validate and further extend our findings we did a qualitative exploration by interviewing more than 40 people in the surrounding of the airport and at the car parking hub.

Finally, we combined our field research with an expert review of the website and a session of user tests within which we invited people to complete specific tasks on ParkinGo digital touchpoints.


We provided ParkinGo with a research report containing the results of our desk and on-field research: a detailed description of travelers' habits, behavioral patterns, needs, and expectations. Through this, we have been able to bring to the table a newer and unexpected point-of-view capable to twist some established company bias.

With ParkinGo's main stakeholders we co-designed a set of actionable solutions based on the opportunities we found. We released a roadmap of strategic and direct improvements regarding the company's digital ecosystem.