Digital dialogue with the user

Studio: Sketchin


When: 2019
Award: IF Design Award


AMDL CIRCLE is a visionary architectural studio that imagines, creates, and builds innovative designs aiming at improving people's quality of life.


We supported AMDL CIRCLE during their transition from a one-man studio to one composed by a wider team of passionate professionals.
We have been asked to design a website capable of simultaneously display the massive cultural heritage represented by Michele De Lucchi, as well as convey the visionary message of the new studio.


We conducted a series of workshops and co-design sessions focused on both exploring the users' needs as well as define the dialogue-like experience that AMDL CIRCLE was looking for.

We developed personas starting by identifying the visitors of the previous website. Once we defined both the value proposition and how to approach the visitors, we benchmarked the main features of the website, from the look & feel until the micro-interactions.


Through a paper prototyping workshop with AMDL CIRCLE, we obtained several low-fidelity mockups of the website, showing drafts of layouts, content structure, and information architecture.


The result of this intense exchange of information between us and the studio is a fluid digital experience featuring a "circular" navigation pattern, and tailored micro-interactions.

Every project on the website, and all the single pages, are characterized by a unique color gradient. Furthermore, instead of a classic, static footer, each page asks a question to the visitor, which introduces the next step in the digital journey. In this way, we have created a seamless continuous path that "talks" to the visitors through the contents of the website.

This project won the IF DESIGN Award 2020 in the Communication discipline.